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Three Must Visit Autumn Destinations in USA

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Three Must Visit Autumn Destinations in USA Autumn is the magical time of the year when nature’s green sceneries turn into a splendid mix of red and gold foliage. There’s always something about the rustling of falling leaves thatRead more

Top 10 Places To Eat In The Annapolis Valley

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This week I posed the question to our facebook fans asking them where the best places to eat in the Annapolis Valley are. Here is the responses we got! (There are actually 11!) Farmers Family Diner (Millville) Located justRead more

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Valley View Provincial Park

Valleyview Provincial Park is situated just 3 kms north of Bridgetown on Hampton Mountain Road. The park features some of the most stunning views of the Annapolis Valley and is also only a short drive to the shores ofRead more Read More →



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Blomidon Provincial Park

Blomidon Provincial Park is truly one of the most breathtaking locations in all of the Annapolis Valley. Rising 600 feet from the Minas Basin and its red mud flats this park is a hiker s and photographer s dreamRead more Read More →



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Dragon Fly Inn

The DragonFly Inn is a full service Bed and Breakfast in the very beautiful town of Annapolis Royal where your hosts are Wesly and Jenna Roy. Read More →



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Mike Aube

Part guitar-slinging poet part joker part environmental philosopher Mike Aub is a multi-dimensional songwriter who is grounded in roots traditions but with hints of funk and rock influences. The New Brunswick-born folkster held a brief career in teaching untilRead more Read More →



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Ski Martock

Ski Martock is your destination for outdoor winter fun Bring the whole family and enjoy great alpine and cross country skiing. Located in Windsor only a 45 minutes from Halifax and 30 minutes from Kentville Ski Martock is wellRead more Read More →



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Abhaya Mixed Martial Arts

Abhaya Mixed Martial Arts represents the evolution of self-defense training in the Annapolis Valley. With a focus on realistic live training in a fun and safe environment Abhaya is changing the way people think of martial arts. Gone areRead more Read More →



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D and T Flooring

D&T Flooring is a locally owned flooring retail outlet. We offer a showroom of all the latest samples as well as a large stock of vinyls rugs laminates and ceramic tiles. We also make area mats to size. WeRead more Read More →



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T and S Office Essentials and Printing

From digital design in Mac or PC to laser etched offset plates the Valley s largest digital colour press we have all the equipment to not only get the job done quickly but with the highest quality and mostRead more Read More →



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Noggins Farm Market and Corn Maze

Noggins Farm has been a leader in the Annapolis Valley Agritourism Industry for years. The famous Corn Maze U-Pick Apples and Pumpkins and children s play area are some of the attractions. Read More →



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Woodville Autobody Ltd

Located on Highway 221 in Woodville Woodville Auto Body Ltd is a full service auto body repair facility. With over 28 years in the business John Blanchard has earned a level of respect and trust that is hard toRead more Read More →



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Green Leaf Enterprises

Enter description for your listing.Offering a wide selection of flowers for any occasion Green Leaf Enterprises is located in Wilmot Nova Scotia. Owner operator Tammy Belanger will be more than happy to help you with your needs whatever theyRead more Read More →



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Dr Dons Transmission

A vehicles transmission is of the utmost importance to a cars functionality and safety. At Dr. Don s Transmission we put 32 years of experience in the transmission business to work to ensure that all of our customers areRead more Read More →



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The Annapolis Valley: A Great Tourism Destination in Nova Scotia

The Annapolis Valley is home to all kinds of historical sites and interesting places which offer tourists to the region an opportunity to do sorts of activities. There are excellent hiking trails, provincial parks, golf courses, beaches, sights, festivals, events, and other things to see and do.

The Valley Ranges From Windsor To Digby and Is Home To Fantastic Real Estate in Hants County, Kings County, Annapolis County, and Digby County

Annapolis Valley Real Estate is home to some of the most sought after real estate in Nova Scotia. Historic towns such as Annapolis Royal, Kentville, and Grand Pre. There are also very significant towns and villages such as Wolfville which is home to Acadia University, and Greenwood which is home to CFB Greenwood. Real estate in these areas is always highly sought after. is partnered with some of the most trusted Real Estate Agents in the Annapolis Valley. You can view these agents listings in the slider above.

Towns In The Annapolis Valley

There are a number of towns which up the Annapolis Valley. For the purpose of this website, we include all towns between Digby and Windsor as being part of the Annapolis Valley. However, in a geographic sense, the Annapolis Valley technically ends just after Wolfville.

Annapolis County

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Annapolis Royal is a small town located on the Annapolis Basin. In 2011 the population was only 481. The town is very tourism driven and is home to the original Acadian Settlement. Fort Anne is the main tourist attraction in the town. Upper Clements Park is located just minutes outside of town, and is another serious tourism drive for the region during the summer months.

Bridgetown, Nova Scotia

In 2011 Bridgetown's population was 949. Bridgetown is situated along the Annapolis River in Annapolis County. Bridgetown was originally occupied by Mi'kmaq settlements. Later the Acadians came up from Port Royal and eventually the British. Bridgetown is one of the only towns in the Annapolis Valley which was developed with a structured plan in mind, instead of just growing. Bridgetown is home to the Annapolis Valley Library headquarters, as well as a few other smaller employers.

Middleton, Nova Scotia

In 2011 Middleton's population was measured at 1749. Middleton is the self proclaimed "Heart of the Valley" and is home to the annual summer Heart of the Valley Festival. Middleton was founded by New England Planters and was incorporated as a town in 1909. Middleton is home to two public schools, as well as a library, and the MacDonald Museum

Digby County

Digby Nova Scotia

In 2011 the population of Digby was 2152, making it the biggest population center in Digby County Digby is probably best known for the world famous Digby Scallops. The town celebrates two major festivals each year. Digby Scallop Days as well as The Wharf Rat Rally. Both festivals bring in huge amounts of tourism to the region and help their economy which is largely driven by fishing and tourism. Digby is home to the ferry service which connects Nova Scotia to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Bear River

Bear River is actually the dividing mark between Digby County and Annapolis County. Thus splitting the town in half. The town is best known for its large influx of artististic community. Thought to be the most per capita of any community in Nova Scotia. The town is home to the Bear River Heritage Museum which is open from early summer to fall.

Hants County

Windsor, Nova Scotia

In 2011 Windsor had a population of 3785, making it the biggest town in Hants County. The town has a rich history, as it was used by the Mi'kmaq Nation for over a century prior to being discovered by the Europeans. The town is situated at the end of the Avon River and the St Croix River where they empty in to the Minas Basin.Windsor is well known for being the Birth Place of Hockey as well as being home to Howard Dill's Pumpkin Farm. Ski Martock is located only minutes from the town. Windsor is home to standard public schools, as well as the internationally recognized Kings Edgehill Private School.

Hantsport, Nova Scotia

Hantsport is a small town which is situated right on the border of Hants County and Kings County. In 2006 Hantsport's poopulation sat at 1191. Hantport was once known as a shipbuilding town, however, now the port is used for shipping gypsum. The extreme tides of the Bay of Fundy's Minas Basin made shipping very complex. As ships could only enter at high tide. In recent years, the production and trade of gypsum has declined as well. There is a large paper plant which is the areas biggest employer.

Kings County

Berwick, Nova Scotia

Berwick is a small town in Nova Scotia which is situated at the beginning of the Annapolis River. The population of the town of Berwick in 2011 was 2454. Berwick is known for being the Apple Capital of the Annapolis Valley. Berwick celebrates an annual event called Gala Days which normally took place during Labour Day Weekend in September, but in 2012 was switched to mid August.

Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

Grand Pre is a rural town in the Annapolis Valley which was originally settled in 1680 by Acadian settlers. Grand Pre has recently been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its landscape and cultural history.

Greenwood, Nova Scotia

Greenwood is best known for being home to CFB Greenwood Air Force Base. In 2001 Greenwood's population was estimated at 4500. The air force base is far and away the biggest employer in the town. There is many shops and services located in the town which is home to the Greenwood Mall. The town is home to some of the best Canada Day celebrations in all of the Annapolis Valley, with a fantastic fireworks display being put on each year.

Kentville, Nova Scotia

Kentville is known as the Shire Town of Kings. It is the main professional center for all of the Annapolis Valley. The towns center is home to many doctors, lawyers, and mortgage brokers. The Valley Regional Hospital is also located in Kentville. In 2011 the population of Kentville was 6094. Kentville is situated where it is due to the Cornwallis River. Kentville was the furthest that sailing ships could travel up the Cornwallis River.

Kingston, Nova Scotia

Kingston is another town in the Annapolis Valley which is influenced tremendously by the Greenwood Airforce Base. The population of Kingston in 2001 was 3009. Each year the Village of Kingston plays host to the Kingston Steer BBQ. Kingston is home to many shops and services, including large chain grocery and retail outlets as well as a number of local businesses. Kingston was originally settled due to its position along the Railway which used to run through the Annapolis Valley.

New Minas, Nova Scotia

New Minas is a town in the eastern part of Kings County which in 2001 had a population of 4300. New Minas is the shopping capital of the Annapolis Valley with many large large retail box chain stores including Walmart, Kent, FutureShop, and Winners among others. New Minas is also one of the fastest growing towns in the Annapolis Valley. New Minas is located on the border of Kentville and also the Cornwallis River.

Port Willams, Nova Scotia

In 2006, Port Williams boasted a population of 1079. The town has long been known as one of the most farm influenced towns in the Annapolis Valley. Much of the nearby lands have been protected by the dykes which were built by the Acadians. The land around the town is among the most fertile in all of Nova Scotia. The Prescott House Museum is located in nearby Starrs Point.

Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Wolfville is an incredibly culturally rich town in the eastern part of Kings County. One reason for this is the fact that Wolfville is home to Acadia University. An award winning university which has been voted several times as the top university in all of Canada. The town's proximity to the World Heritage Site of Grand Pre, as well as the natural beauty of the area including the view of the Minas Basin and Cape Blomidon make it a prime location for many different artistic people. In 2011, the population of Wolfville was 4269. Wolfville is home to some of the most valuable real estate in the Annapolis Valley.

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